An international school for maximum academic achievement

Educational center for successful graduates

We develop skills, self confidence and abilities of our students. Due to the reinforced schooling in Maths and languages our students are taught bilingually and effectively. We put great emphasis on comprehension and coherence in education. We are not a drill school but a school of understanding and that’s why our graduates are successful at prestious secondary schools entrance exams.

News and notice-board

Primary school
1st grade enrollment
Dear Parents, On 20 and 21 April (Thursday and Friday) we invite…
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Language schoolPrimary school
Informace pro rodiče
Vážení rodiče! Obracíme se na Vás s informacemi o zásadách práce školy v této těžké…
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Language schoolPrimary school
PF 2022
Vážení rodiče, milí studenti a žáci, všem vám přejeme krásný a klidný sváteční čas…
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Language schoolPrimary school
Ředitelské volno
Ředitelka školy vyhlašuje podle § 24 odst. 2 zákona č. 561/2004 Sb.,…
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We ensure the right preparation for life

Here you will find human approach. When something goes wrong we look for a solution together. The doors of our office are always open for students and for parents. Our school is the students’ partner on their way to success. We will help you with the transfer from other schools and with getting documents for your visa.

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